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TMD, Headaches, and Chronic Head & Neck Pain

There is therapy for the pain at Accent Dental!

It is often assumed that the cause of chronic pain is in the TMJ (temporomandibular joint). We often hear the term TMJ used like it's a diagnosis or a description of some malady when in fact it is just the name of the joint connecting the mandible to the skull base. It is no different than the term elbow, knee or wrist which all describe joints in the body.

TMD is the abbreviation for temporomandibular disorder(s). This is a nondescript term that is both confusing for the patient and for clinicians alike, because it essentially has no agreed upon meaning.

At the extreme, some patients are offered full mouth reconstruction or the option of crowning all of their teeth to fix a bite problem that was apparently the cause of their pain! Fortunately for the patients of Canada, even Health Canada appears to be taking notice of this potentially self-serving mode of practice and has issued a warning

At Accent, our dentists use a combination of therapies, which, unlike crowning all your teeth, are reversible. If you have symptoms that include headaches or sore jaw muscles, pain in the temples, migraines, worn or broken teeth, popping, or clicking and locking joints, contact Accent Dental today to find out more.