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Diagnodent in Prince George | Accent Dental


The nature of cavities has changed. Fluoride has made teeth denser meaning that harder and more resistant enamel can conceal aggressive sub-surface decay. Because 80% of caries occur in the occlusal (biting surface) anatomy, it can remain virtually undetected with traditional diagnostic methods until significantly developed. Manual probing with an explorer is often an ineffective means to detect cavities as the enamel defect may be too small or inaccessible to the explorer tip.

The Diagnodent is a reliable, non-invasive laser that looks inside a tooth surface for bacterial contaminants and indirectly measures the degree of decay. It is highly effective in detecting caries at an early stage where teeth are most vulnerable.

Prevention instead of treatment:

  • Patients are becoming increasingly health conscious and are taking more trouble to preserve their healthy tooth substance.
  • In other words, the dentist is required to detect the smallest defects.
  • The better and earlier the diagnosis, the better therapy may be planned.
  • If interventions are necessary, then as far as possible only minimally invasive intervention with tooth-coloured fillings are required.

Satisfied patients:

  • No damage to enamel by sharp-edged probes.
  • Natural teeth are preserved for a longer time and healthy tooth substances are protected.
  • Less exposure to radiation because fewer X-ray pictures are taken.
  • Particularly advantageous for children and anxious patients.
  • Preventive care.
  • Visual and acoustic representation of measured values make them easily understandable for patients.
  • Reproducible and quantifiable results permit checking, stabilization and documentation of caries development.